Really? What that necessary?

Those are my thoughts lately every time I open Facebook. I’m close to give up and go on a huge “friends” purge. Not that my friends list is big to begin with, but it could benefit from a drastic trim. I don’t want to see pictures of tortured dogs and dead people. Showing such images doesn’t serve any good purpose. It disgusts people with a moral compass and it fuels sick minds. I’m sure the people who share those pics act under the best of intentions; they truly believe it’s their civic duty to show the world what’s wrong with it. But, there are also people like me who, after taking the briefest of looks at an abused animal image (because I wasn’t fast enough in blocking said image) spends the rest of the week with that image carved in her/his mind. I was gifted with photographic memory and I can’t forget what I’ve seen. Regarding the habit of posting pics of dead people, it should be self-explanatory. Life for me is sacred and so is death. Please, don’t strip people of their dignity by showing the world their images when they are not with us anymore. Think of their families. Finally, whatever is your religion/skin color/sexual preference/political affiliation remember the world is full of excellent people who would give their lives for your right to offend them. Rant off.

Really? What that necessary?

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