Prince at War

Prince 19

I’m happy to announce that a few minutes before midnight last night, my newest addition to The Ginecean Chronicles, Prince at War, was released into the Amazon Wild. Baby’s fine, although with a temporary cover.

Prince at War

5 thoughts on “Prince at War

  1. Hubby says I buy too many books, so I couldn’t get it asap, like I wanted. But I downloaded the sample and set an alarm on my phone to get it next week! Very excited. Is this the last in the series?

    1. Thanks, Ava! I know, I do buy books like there’s no tomorrow 😉 Prince at War is the third in the Ginecean Chronicles trilogy… but I did write a fourth and I’ll start editing it next month. I’m still deciding on the title, but it’s a stand alone story placed between The Priest and Pax in the Land of Women.

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