Friday Snippet #43

15 in Dystopian June 2013 single shotSlightly confused, probably still jetlagged, but mostly bereft. Family matters required some travelling, and it normally takes me a few days to get back to my routine. This time, it took me slightly more.

Last week, thanks to an ad on Kindle Books and Tips, The Priest, discounted for the occasion to 99 cents, reached #15 on the the dystopian category on Amazon, and #64 on the science fiction category. It maintained that position for a few days which has driven sales for Pax in the Land of Women, and a trickle for Prince at War as well, and even for Linda of the Night. Meanwhile, Pax—also temporarily discounted to 99 cents—was featured on Bookblast and although it reached only one tenth of the number of downloads of The Priest—as it was to be expected being a second in a series—it still managed to reach #71 in the paid dystopian category. Thanks to the surge in downloads, The Priest has also received two new reviews. The lesson here is that good advertising pays. Unfortunately, good advertising is difficult to get. Step by step.

Yesterday, I finished all my corrections and rewriting on Gaia—still I haven’t decided on the final title—and I sent it back to the editor. It feels so strange to have nothing to correct and rewrite. I’ve been in editing mode for so long, not sure I know what to do with my day. I’ll probably go for a walk.

Finally, here’s the snippet I hinted in the post’s title, which is actually a little piece of flash fiction I wrote one or two years ago for a contest  and slightly revisited for Father’s Day.


“Daddy, Daddy! Look up!” Lucille glides weightlessly, skirting rocks and grass.

“The night is bright,” Dad says, closely following her.

“Look at the round light!” Lucille happily somersaults. “It’s so yellow, and so big, and so shiny. Can you catch it for me?”

“For you, my sweet fry, the Moon and the Stars aren’t enough!”

Koi Delight

Friday Snippet #43

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