Another Try with Corel Painter

Long time due. I woke up at 4:45 am and decided it was the right time to give Corel Painter another chance. Good news: now I know it’s not the coffee the reason why I don’t sleep. Bad news: I still don’t know why I don’t sleep.

Italian Colors

Italian Colors con firma

Another Try with Corel Painter

6 thoughts on “Another Try with Corel Painter

  1. This Corel Painter looks so intriguing – wonder if they’re on sale in the UK? Early light mornings and we wake up earlier and earlier too. Rolling with it – there’s always afternoon siestas!

    1. Sooner or later, I’ll have to join the club of the afternoon siestas 🙂 Sometimes, you can find Corel Painter on sale, maybe around Christmas time. It’s a somewhat expensive software, but the closest you get to a real painting experience in digital format. I like Artrage too. The illustrations for The Prince’s Day Out were all done with Artrage.

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