Something to Read on the Ride: Louis Hessey-Antell

Louis Hessey AntellAnother week, another author who donated a short to Something to Read on the Ride. Today, gracing my cyber corner is British author, Louis Hessey-Antell. As often happens with creative people, Louis has much to share with the ever-growing, worldwide artistic community. Stay tuned for the imminent release of two of his works. Meanwhile, enjoy his interview.

Let’s meet Louis:

I’m 25 and currently working in ‘The Office’ come to life. On the side, I’m writing novels, making films, composing songs and creating a comic book. It sounds more impressive than it is, believe me!

While I will always be trying to contribute to the cultural conversation, it would be a pleasant turn of events to be able to financially rest on my creative wits. 

I also have a blog, The Rational Rock ‘n’ Roll, which hasn’t seen much action recently, but I stand by every word!

My first novel (working title: News, Booze and Heat-Death) is being dragged through its final draft, and my comic book, Numachi, is moving along nicely. I look forward to sharing them. 

Now, let’s ask Louis a few questions:

When you were a kid you wanted to be…?

John Entwistle’s replacement in The Who. 

The first book you read was…?

I believe it was the old Catcher in the Rye. I can’t remember earlier than that to be honest! 

You discovered you were quite good at writing when…?

I wouldn’t dream of calling myself good. However, once a friend paid me a tenner to do his English coursework for him. The teacher marked it and told him he should be a writer. I never received such praise. 

As a reader, your favorite genre is…?

Amis style comedy. Dark and funny. 

No, really, what’s that title you’re hiding in your kindle…?

A lot of Batman comics! I’m fairly open about that though. 

You write…?

Real life after a couple of beers. 

The praise about your writing you like the most is… ?

I enjoy praise in regard to my style. My favourite author is Wodehouse, so  I yearn for compliments on my style. 

What’s next…?

A novel about a stand up comedian, and a graphic novel about WWII.

Copertina Sandro BeneficenzaTo read Louis’s short and contribute to a great cause, The Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Appeal, a Children’s Charity Hospital, buy Something to Read on the Ride!

Something to Read on the Ride: Louis Hessey-Antell

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