Linda of the Night: Free Promo

My sweet, YA short love story, Linda of the Night, will be free for three days, starting today. Advertising a short isn’t easy. Although people love stories that can be read in one setting, very few sites are prone to feature them. So far, I have heard back only from Great Books Great Deals and eBookSoda. This morning, I woke to the pleasant surprise of Linda entering the 100 free list in the Teen & Young Adults Romance category, which it means that other sites must have accepted and promoted my short as well. Cheers.

Linda First Day Promo Valentine 2014 Detail

Linda of the Night: Free Promo

4 thoughts on “Linda of the Night: Free Promo

    1. Thank you, Peggy. When I first wrote Linda, it was meant as a bedtime story narrated by a father to his blind child. The father wanted his daughter to grow and blossom into adulthood with a positive image of herself.

  1. christine says:

    hi monica am christine from kenya have followed all your books and i just have a problem downloading linda of the night and alpha dads please can you help me with a copy of the two

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