The Main Fact Behind a Free Promo


The publishing industry has evolved at such pace since I joined this arena that whatever marketing strategy worked two years ago, it doesn’t work anymore. I wasn’t able to find the exact number  of published books per day in the USA, but I wouldn’t be surprised if exceeded the million mark. As an indie author, it is difficult to emerge among a sea of literature that varies from sublime to rotten garbage. I fought the idea of the freebie for a long time, missing the first wave of the tide that two years ago took unknown authors—with a good sized backlist—to stardom.

The publishing industry is evolving, and as an author who wants to succeed so am I. So, I am offering some of my books for free now and then, and I am writing in different genres to branch out and connect with a larger number of readers. Because, at the end of the day, what it really matters is to have my painstakingly written words read. And when you run a free promo and wake the next morning to a lovely review like the one below, it’s all worth it.

Beautiful, short, perfection*

“A love story in a classic style, a good introduction to an author who is new to me.
Nothing more need be said. Read it.”


*Review left on for Linda of the Night, a day after the title went free.

The Main Fact Behind a Free Promo

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