The Priest is Permafree! Long Live The Priest!

576x768_thepriestSince yesterday, The Priest is available on Smashwords for free. As I explained in previous posts, I am working on widening my readership, and it seems that having a series of three or more books begs for a permafree. I am not sure what to expect exactly from this experiment, since The Ginecean Chronicles are a hard sell to begin with, but if I gain one more reader it would be worth it. At the moment, according to my Smashwords’s page stats, it seems that The Priest was downloaded 34 times. I’ll keep you posted, if anything noteworthy happens. Meanwhile, many happy readings to all of you, and have a fantastic week.

The Priest is Permafree! Long Live The Priest!

2 thoughts on “The Priest is Permafree! Long Live The Priest!

    1. Hi, Flora, thank you for your continuous encouragement. I strongly believe in The Ginecean series, and I wrote them because those are the stories I wanted to read. But, I discovered that because of their topic and relative cleanliness they displease lots of people. The ones looking for erotica content are put off by the lack of it. Other people believe they are feminist titles. Some don’t like the way I write, because it’s too concise. Some others truly hate that the men aren’t the alpha types… All of them are right in their opinions and I value their comments, because they make me grow as an author. It just makes it harder to find the right niche when you can’t get the word out about your work. But, I will persevere 🙂

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