The Lost Centurion: The Day After the Bookbub

Let’s start today’s post by saying that I am not impressed by the data I collected at the end of the first day post-Bookbub. The day’s earnings were lukewarm at best, something I’ve achieved by myself on a good day without any promo.

At the moment, ranking for The Lost Centurion have disappeared from its Amazon page, but the last time I checked, it was lingering at #40. I will add the latest ranking as soon as I have it.

Amazon Downloads: 1,865

Amazon sales: $38,11

I’ve realized only now that The Lost Centurion is still available through Smashwords and not D2D, while the rest of the Immortals series is sold wide through D2D.

Smashwords Downloads, data from the last three days: iTunes 1,575, Nook 1,032, Kobo 35. Frankly, those numbers have pleasantly surprised me. I didn’t expect the promo to be so successful wide. This is definitely uplifting and mitigate what I said a few sentences ago, at the beginning of this post.

D2D Sales: 105.74 – 95.39= $10.4

Reviews received on the day after the Bookbub: 3 – ranging from 5* to 1*, bringing the total number of reviews to 213, with an average of 4.2 out of 5.

I’ll post again tomorrow with a final report about this promo.


Amazon ranks reappeared:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #36 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Free in Kindle Store)

  • #1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance > Paranormal > Vampires
  • #1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance > Paranormal > Angels
  • #1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance > Paranormal > Ghosts
The Lost Centurion: The Day After the Bookbub

The 2014 Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale promotion

Pax striscia occhio

To kick of the summer, I am participating in Smaswords’ annual book sale with two of my titles in The Ginecean Chronicles. Both Pax in the Land of Women and Prince at War will be $1.50 the whole month of July. Just use the discount code provided on their pages. The Priest is already free and so is Linda of the Night, plus The Lost Centurion is only 99 cents for a few more days. Happy reading! And please, if you read my books and liked them consider leaving a review for me on Amazon, Goodreads, Smashwords or any other place you might know!


Marcus's Love ChainsAnd remember, enter the Ebook Escapes’ giveaway for a chance to win a copy of The Lost Centurion.

The 2014 Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale promotion

The Priest Permafree: 3 months later


The Priest Kindle Books and Tips Promo June 2014After a daily drizzle of downloads, no love on Goodreads, and one beautiful 4 star review on Amazon, yesterday I scheduled a spot with Kindle Books and Tips for The Priest.  Although my title was the very last on the page and people had to scroll down to find it, this is the result:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #703 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Free in Kindle Store)

The Priest Permafree: 3 months later

Pretty Words – One Way Trip #5

Past articles in the series:

1. A Practical Guide to Formatting for Online Publishing

2. The Importance of Formatting

3. A Good Start is Key

4. Retouching Existing Documents

Whether you started writing your novel using the template or by formatting your existing document, you should now be ready to move to the next step and convert your document to an eBook.

This particular step is a one-way trip though. That means that once you start this process you are going to sever the relation between the eBook and the original Word document. Any changes you need to make to the Word document you either need to make them both in Word and in the eBook – if there are a small number of them – or repeat the formatting process from this step forward again. Thankfully, the rest of the process is pretty mechanical and, with a little practice, it should not take you long to format a document from scratch.

Before we start we need a couple of tools that we’re going to need in order to convert the Word document into an eBook ready for publishing.

The first tool is a nice little gem called Sigil. To download Sigil go to the Downloads section of the site and click on the file that says “Windows” or “Mac” in the title depending on your platform. The latest version at the time of writing is 0.7.4. Sigil is an open source project and it’s free to use. Unfortunately, development of Sigil has stopped as of October 2013, but the tool works extremely well for our purposes and we’ll keep using it until it does.

Sigil will help you take the output from Word and turn it into an ePub file. ePub is the industry standard format for eBooks, used by many publishers.

The second tool we’re going to need is Amazon’s Kindle Previewer. Also available for Windows and Mac, Kindle Previewer will convert the eBook from ePub to Amazon’s proprietary mobi format for publishing to Amazon’s KDP. Kindle Previewer will also allow you to preview the final eBook simulating a number of different Kindle reading devices.

The conversion process will go something like this:

· Convert the document in HTML format from Word

· Use Sigil to edit the HTML and compose it in an ePub file with all the appropriate section and metadata

· Use Kindle Previewer to convert the ePub to mobi and do a final test pass to make sure it look and works great

Before you convert the document make sure that:

· All the editing is done and the document has been proofread

· Accept all the changes in the document and make sure there are no more revision marks and the document is final

· The entire document is properly formatted in Word according to the guidelines in the past two articles

· There are no page breaks between chapters and that text flows from one chapter to the other. If you have left page breaks we’ll take them out during eBook formatting, but it’s better to do it in Word.

· You have included all the front- and back-matter and that these sections are also edited, proofread and formatted appropriately

The book is now starting to resemble the final structure, ready to be converted:

· Front matter

o Book title

o Copyrights

o Dedication

o Table of contents

· Document text

· Back matter

o Acknowledgements

o Bio

The eBook template includes all the sections and the appropriate formatting, feel free to add or remove sections to match what you want in your book.

Ok, now we’re almost there. One last check. Make sure everything is all right. Save the document one last time and close it, just to be sure.

Open the document again and go to File, Save As. Pick a place where you want your HTML document to be saved. From the “Save as type” drop down pick “Web Page, Filtered”. This step is super important as by choosing the Filtered option, Word will remove a ton of extra formatting that we do not need, or want, in our HTML file.

And we’re done for the day! Congratulations, you are one step closer to publishing your masterpiece!

Next week we’ll work in Sigil to create the ePub. Until then please let me know if you have any question @robertoruggeri. Ciao!

Pretty Words – One Way Trip #5

Permafreeing The Priest

granturco e mongolfiereEighteen days ago, I put The Priest for free on Smashwords. The title has been downloaded 119 times so far. Amazon hasn’t price matched yet, but the book is available both on Nook and iTunes for free. From what I understood, I am nowhere near the number of downloads other titles seem to gather overnight. Said so, I’ll try to get Amazon on board and see if it makes any difference. If that doesn’t work, I’ll find something else. Meanwhile, I’m writing the next book. And thinking positive thoughts.

Permafreeing The Priest

The Priest is Permafree! Long Live The Priest!

576x768_thepriestSince yesterday, The Priest is available on Smashwords for free. As I explained in previous posts, I am working on widening my readership, and it seems that having a series of three or more books begs for a permafree. I am not sure what to expect exactly from this experiment, since The Ginecean Chronicles are a hard sell to begin with, but if I gain one more reader it would be worth it. At the moment, according to my Smashwords’s page stats, it seems that The Priest was downloaded 34 times. I’ll keep you posted, if anything noteworthy happens. Meanwhile, many happy readings to all of you, and have a fantastic week.

The Priest is Permafree! Long Live The Priest!