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The Griffin Cryer web useToday, I have a special guest on my blog, author Julia Hughes. She just released a YA fantasy novel, The Griffin Cryer, which I recently read and highly recommend. One of the many five stars reviews this novel has already received says: Among the vast sea of titles labeled for young adult readers, The Griffin Cryer is a gem worth discovering. Julia Hughes’s novel is a fresh take on griffins’ folklore, and her fifteen years old heroine, redhead Frankie Shaunessy, is fierce and full of life. The story flawlessly intertwines the expected drama of a teenager in high school with the unexpected factor of parallel universes temporarily opening into ours. By calling her dog, Frankie accidentally summons a griffin and his Rider. What happens next is a ride full of action that will make you laugh and cry along the way. I couldn’t put the book down. For young adults and adults young at heart.”

Now, let’s read Julia’s answers to my eight questions.

When you were a kid you wanted to be…?

An Explorer! I wanted to find lost pyramids, discover the resting place of the Titanic, and be the first woman on the moon.

The first book you read was…?

I’m pretty certain my first ‘read alone’ was “One Rainy Night” written and illustrated by Pelagie Doane. It’s about a little girl who couldn’t resist the gentle patter of rain falling, and slipped out of her bedroom in her nightgown to explore the dark and rainy night.


You discovered you were quite good at writing when…?

My English teacher kept embarrassing me by reading out my work to the class. It wasn’t until recently that I had time to write a full blown novel, then I discovered just how much I still had to learn!

As a reader, your favorite genre is…?

In fiction: Thrillers – I’m also a proud beta reader for Stephen Spencer, an indie writer whose Paul Mallory Adventures are in my opinion amongst the best. Non fiction: I’m currently reading Bill Bryson’s “A Short History of Nearly Everything.”

No, really, what’s that title you’re hiding in your kindle…?

LOL my last kindle read was “Linda of the Night” an excellent fairy tale, and I’m not hiding anything!


You write…?

With more passion than expertise – There are three Celtic Cousins’ Adventures – “A Raucous Time“; “A Ripple in Time” (check out the beautiful artwork on this one’s cover!) and “An Explosive Time“. “The Bridle Path” is my romance, I was enormously pleased when someone commented it read like an old fashioned Mills & Boon but with an edge!

Finally, “The Griffin Cryer” is my latest title, written for the YA audience, but suitable for anyone who’s ever dreamed of riding on the back of a griffin.

The praise about your writing you like the most is…?

Any! Seriously, I cherish each and every positive review – from the one liners “enjoyed this book!” to the most amazing readers who really make a connection and want to express more fully what they took from the story.

What’s next…?

“The Griffin Cryer” is to be published as a paperback, and should be available at all good bookshops, as well as your favourite online stores round about the 20th March. To celebrate, a free promotional run of “The Griffin Cryer” in ebook format is planned for 26th – 30th March. I hope your readers will grab a copy for their kindles – there’s also a free contest to win a signed paperback copy of “The Griffin Cryer” and entry couldn’t be simpler. Anyone leaving a comment on this post at your site will be entered automatically, or your readers can enter by ‘liking’ and leaving a comment on the Griffin Riders’ facebook page. Tweeters can follow and retweet Griffin Riders on Twitter for extra entries. In addition to the first prize, there’s also runners’ up prizes up for grabs – including all three “Celtic Cousins’ Adventures” in ebook format, and some very special prizes donated by the griffins of Ella-Earth.

Julia’s website: Julia Hughes

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The Griffin Cryer” is free from 26th March – 30th March – why not download a sample on your kindle now so you’re ready to roll with Frankie and friends!

Julia Hughes

Clare Davidson

Clare Davidson is a delightful British author I had the pleasure to meet on the tweetverse. She introduced me to the wonderful world of Friday Snippets, and so I find it rather fitting her interview is out today. She is also the mind behind this great Indie Giveaway I’m proud to be part of. Her fantasy novel, Trinity, is filled with mystery, creativity, great characters, setting, and suspense. It could be yours by entering the Indie Giveaway.

Clare PicWhen you were a kid you wanted to be…?
A teacher. A show jumper. A teacher. A yard manager. A teacher… can you see a theme here? Now I’m an adult and I AM a teacher, all I want to be is a writer 😉

The first book you read was…?
I honestly can’t remember. Probably one of the Peter and Jane primary school reading books. My Mum frequently tells me that I’d struggle through Peter and Jane and then sit and read comics fluently. The first book that I remember reading and having a strong impact on me is The Book of Three, by Lloyd Alexander. Although come to think of it, Gobbolino the Witch’s Cat probably came first! Both lovely books for very different reasons.

You discovered you were quite good at writing when…?
When I got high marks in creative writing during my GCSEs. Although in hindsight, I’m not sure how much of that depends on true creative flair, rather than jumping through curriculum hoops.

As a reader, your favorite genre is…?
I should say fantasy, as that’s mainly what I write, but my reading tastes are actually very eclectic. I’ll happily read most things, as long as the blurb catches my interest, I enjoy the writing style and get on with the main character.

No, really, what’s that title you’re hiding in your kindle…?
I don’t think I’m hiding any dubious titles in my kindle! I have quite a bit of YA fiction in there, including Rick Riordan and Anthony Horrowitz. I’d have been embarrassed to admit to either of those in the staff room in my old job, where all the English teachers used to read quite high brow stuff or popular literary fiction.

You write…?
Fantasy, mainly, although I’m dabbling in some science fiction as well. I’ll broaden that Trinityout–I write speculative fiction 🙂

The praise about your writing you like the most is…?
That people enjoyed it at all. Maybe that’s a little trite! I love it when people specifically say that they enjoyed the world and characters I created. I’m especially pleased to hear/read praise about the magic in Trinity. I spent a lot of time agonising over how it was all going to work.

What’s next…?
An urban fantasy novel, titled Reaper’s Rhythm. I’m not sure when it will be out, as it’s in my editor’s hands at the moment, but stand by for more information when I have it! Reaper’s Rhythm is the first of a series and I’m already working on the second book. It’s quite different to Trinity and also darker in tone, but still aimed at a young adult audience, albeit the older end of the range.

Thanks for having me over, Monica 🙂

My pleasure, Clare!

About Clare:

Clare Davidson is a character driven fantasy writer, teacher and mother, from the UK. Clare was born in Northampton and lived in Malaysia for four and a half years as a child, before returning to the UK to settle in Leeds with her family. Whilst attending Lancaster University, Clare met her future husband and never left. They now share their lives with their young daughter and a cranky grey cat and an insane white kitten. Clare juggles family life with writing, teaching and a variety of fiber craft hobbies.

Where to find Clare:




Clare Davidson

Ruth Ellen Parlour

    I’m pleased Ruth stopped by to answer my 8 questions. She is one of my Friday Snippet’s partners in crime and the author of the fantasy novel Earth Angel. Epic, entertaining, and fast-paced read, Earth Angel could be yours. Just enter the Indie Giveaway.


    When you were a kid you wanted to be…?

A few different things. I wanted to live on a farm so I could have lots of animals. But I’ve also always wanted to be a writer.

  1. The first book you read was…?

No idea what the very first book was. Possibly the very hungry caterpillar. I was very fond of a book called My Zoo and The Big Blue Balloon.

  1. You discovered you were quite good at writing when…?

I used to write stories about horses going on adventures with a typewriter when I was about 8 years old and make my own illustrations. I’ve always loved to write whether I was good at it or not!

  1. As a reader, your favorite genre is…?

I love fantasy and always have. I don’t mind reading other genres if the story is good. I’m a fan of strong characters

  1. No, really, what’s that title you’re hiding in your kindle…?

I have my own book on my Kindle. Nothing unsavoury though.

  1. You write…?

I write fantasy mainly but recently I’ve written two sci-fi short stories. I love writing about flawed heroes and strong women. I like my characters to change and develop through the story.

  1. The praise about your writing you like the most is…?

I love when people ‘get’ my characters and when they say how much they loved them, and want to know more about them. Mostly I just love it when people enjoy my stories.

  1. What’s next…?

Well, I’ve just now entered one of my shorts in a competition. I’m going to try and enter another competition but need to chop 1,000 words of my story to fit into the parameters of the competition! I’m writing some short stories based in the world of Earth Angel and eventually, I’ll get back to work on my new novel waiting in the wings.

Thanks again for having me!

About Earth Angel

EA ThumbnailEardesha is protected by the twelve Gods and their Earth Angels. Fighting against her destiny as an Earth Angel, Faith is returning to the temple for her lover who she had to leave behind. Gabrielle, a criminal, escapes from prison only to be guided back by the God’s to help Faith stop a war. Threatened by invasion from the Krieger, Eardesha’s military trains convicted criminals into a brutal and disposable army. Gabrielle and Faith discover a power the Gods have kept secret for thousands of years, a secret that would change the future of Eardesha, and use it to stop the war.

About Ruth

Ruth is an independent author of young adult fantasy. She is in training to be a crazy bunny lady, currently owning one chubby lop called Bandit.








Ruth Ellen Parlour