Ruth Ellen Parlour

    I’m pleased Ruth stopped by to answer my 8 questions. She is one of my Friday Snippet’s partners in crime and the author of the fantasy novel Earth Angel. Epic, entertaining, and fast-paced read, Earth Angel could be yours. Just enter the Indie Giveaway.


    When you were a kid you wanted to be…?

A few different things. I wanted to live on a farm so I could have lots of animals. But I’ve also always wanted to be a writer.

  1. The first book you read was…?

No idea what the very first book was. Possibly the very hungry caterpillar. I was very fond of a book called My Zoo and The Big Blue Balloon.

  1. You discovered you were quite good at writing when…?

I used to write stories about horses going on adventures with a typewriter when I was about 8 years old and make my own illustrations. I’ve always loved to write whether I was good at it or not!

  1. As a reader, your favorite genre is…?

I love fantasy and always have. I don’t mind reading other genres if the story is good. I’m a fan of strong characters

  1. No, really, what’s that title you’re hiding in your kindle…?

I have my own book on my Kindle. Nothing unsavoury though.

  1. You write…?

I write fantasy mainly but recently I’ve written two sci-fi short stories. I love writing about flawed heroes and strong women. I like my characters to change and develop through the story.

  1. The praise about your writing you like the most is…?

I love when people ‘get’ my characters and when they say how much they loved them, and want to know more about them. Mostly I just love it when people enjoy my stories.

  1. What’s next…?

Well, I’ve just now entered one of my shorts in a competition. I’m going to try and enter another competition but need to chop 1,000 words of my story to fit into the parameters of the competition! I’m writing some short stories based in the world of Earth Angel and eventually, I’ll get back to work on my new novel waiting in the wings.

Thanks again for having me!

About Earth Angel

EA ThumbnailEardesha is protected by the twelve Gods and their Earth Angels. Fighting against her destiny as an Earth Angel, Faith is returning to the temple for her lover who she had to leave behind. Gabrielle, a criminal, escapes from prison only to be guided back by the God’s to help Faith stop a war. Threatened by invasion from the Krieger, Eardesha’s military trains convicted criminals into a brutal and disposable army. Gabrielle and Faith discover a power the Gods have kept secret for thousands of years, a secret that would change the future of Eardesha, and use it to stop the war.

About Ruth

Ruth is an independent author of young adult fantasy. She is in training to be a crazy bunny lady, currently owning one chubby lop called Bandit.







Ruth Ellen Parlour

Elisa Nuckle

The sun shines over Seattle and its suburbia, birds sing on trees, and I’m pleased to start the week by interviewing Elisa Nuckle, the author of Dominant Race. For a chance to win her scifi novella about genetically altered humans, enter the Indie Giveaway. Elisa Pic authorID

1. When you were a kid you wanted to be…?

A musician or a pro volleyball player. Then I started reading like crazy and started writing at around 11 and knew I didn’t want anything but that. Been actively pursuing a career as a fiction writer ever since.

2.     The first book you read was…?

Oh gosh, that’s a tough one. The one I remember that had the most impact was Julie’s Wolf Pack by Jean Craighead-George. From there I started gobbling up chapter books really quickly.

3.     You discovered you were quite good at writing when…?

I liked writing journal entries. When I was 11 I figured, hey, why not make a fanfic of this one anime I like? A year later I hand wrote, in bright pink gel-pen, 50 pages of a fantasy story involving shapeshifting lion-wolf-ish creatures from another world. Haha.

4.     As a reader, your favorite genre is…?

Fantasy. As a writer, I’ve found myself leaning more towards science fiction, which surprised me at first. I still do both, but right now more scifi than fantasy.

5.     No, really, what’s that title you’re hiding in your kindle…?

I admit I read some romance books I wouldn’t want to name because, well, the people I know would embarrass me about it to no end. Haha.

6.     You write…?

Science fiction and fantasy. Sometimes they have heavy romance subplots, other times it’s pretty bleak.

7.     The praise about your writing you like the most is…?

I think the fact that a reader once told me I could make them care while still making it an easy read was a good compliment.

8.     What’s next…?

Dominant Race is the book available in this giveaway. Its sequel, New Fate, is almost Elisa Coverfinished. Then I plan on tacking the third and final book in the Modified Trilogy. Afterward, on to my fantasy series!

About Elisa

Elisa Nuckle is a twenty-something aspiring fantasy and science fiction novelist. It’s always been her dream to chase ideas down and put them into concrete words. Currently, she’s undergoing enlightenment at a community college in Houston, Texas, and plans on getting an English major in the hopefully-not-too-distant future.

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Elisa Nuckle

Got Interviewed?

imageTwice! Okay, I’ll admit this is shameless plug, but I’m a newbie, my first novel isn’t out, yet—although it should’ve been out a month ago, but that’s a different story…anyway, my point is I enjoyed seeing my words running freely somewhere else, and I want to share here as well.

My first interview was with Andy Rane, and it was lots of fun. Andy asks the same six questions to all his guests, and I took my time to make the answers as short as they could get.

The second interview just got out today, and it was about my Nanonwrimo experience with Ashley Paternostro who runs a delightful blog called La Bella Novella.

Got Interviewed?