The Priest: Fifth Day of Promotion

Ranking Fine Promozione Settembre 2013*

Five days of asking, begging, cajoling people into downloading The Priest for free have ended. Free promotion isn’t for the faints of heart, but my final numbers* are worth the 24/7 tour de force, which started with the planning of the promo and lasted for almost four weeks. Eventually, 4500 copies of my book were downloaded in five days. During those days, The Priest reached top 100 bestsellers and maintained that position for almost a day. It was first in Dystopian and second in Adventure, and stayed on the podium in both categories for the last three days of the promotion. It reached first position in Science Fiction/Adventure on, and second and third on and Four 5* reviews were left on Amazon, and Pax and Prince, currently $5.99, sold several copies. As suggested by my betters, The Priest will be temporarily $0.99 to ride the tail of the promotion, and I already saw the benefit of such strategy. Now, it’s back to writing and editing.

The Priest: Fifth Day of Promotion

The Priest: Third Day of Promotion

#4 in Dystopian with Wool by the side on Settembre 2013

Still alive and reporting for duty. Today, The Priest’s promo is featured on Ereader News Today, ENT. Authors who have been picked up by ENT swear it makes a huge difference in the downloading department. I will tell you later. At noon, The Priest is still #4 in Dystopian on, and those are my numbers in terms of downloads:

USA         1598

England   56

Germany 37

France      0

Spain         1

Italy          15

Japan         0

India           4

Canada       10

Brazil          0

Mexico       0

The Priest: Third Day of Promotion