The Priest: Third Day of Promotion

#4 in Dystopian with Wool by the side on Settembre 2013

Still alive and reporting for duty. Today, The Priest’s promo is featured on Ereader News Today, ENT. Authors who have been picked up by ENT swear it makes a huge difference in the downloading department. I will tell you later. At noon, The Priest is still #4 in Dystopian on, and those are my numbers in terms of downloads:

USA         1598

England   56

Germany 37

France      0

Spain         1

Italy          15

Japan         0

India           4

Canada       10

Brazil          0

Mexico       0

The Priest: Third Day of Promotion

The Priest: Second Day of Promotion

Reporting live, big emphasis on the “live” part. Free promoting isn’t for everybody, but I do have a few screenshot to show for it. Bear with me, proud mothers glow.


#1 Fantascienza Italia


#2 and #83 bestseller list in Settembre 2013


#4 e #5 Settembre 2013


#4 in India Settembre 2013

England #16 Settembre 2013


#20 2013

The Priest: Second Day of Promotion

Love is Love. Nothing Else Matters

A friend of mine, C.R.S., just posted a comment about my Ginecean Chronicles on Facebook and I must share.

Love is Love

“It’s day two of hearings in the Supreme Court regarding the equality of marriage for same sex couples and everyone is changing their profile picture to show support… A thought came to mind… how about if, in an alternate universe, it was it the other way around? What if in an alternate universe there were only same sex couples and heterosexual couples were “discriminated against by society and the Law”? Well…my friend Monica La Porta covers this topic in her “Ginecean Chronicles”…”

Love is Love. Nothing Else Matters

Friday Snippet #35

Dandelion BluesSunny again in Seattle, which in a way matches my mood. This week was eventful, but productive. Monday, The Priest’s spotlight ad on Kboards was definitely a success and several bloggers were nice enough to play along. I moved 30 copies and it’s a record for me. I know the number won’t sound impressive, but it is for an obscure indie like me. The first book in The Ginecean Chronicles will be $0.99 until Monday, then it will be back to $2.99. The editing of Prince of War is slowly getting to the point where I can see the light and for that I’m happy too. Meanwhile, I’m still rewriting Her Book. Gaia’s story is a bit of a challenge, but the more I work on it the more I like it. For several reasons, I woke up every morning of the last seven days at unholy hours. First, it was Nero. Then, it was the security system’s battery setting off between 2:00 and 3:00am. Today, I had my first espresso at 3:15 am, apparently for no reason at all. It’s 5:00pm and I’m about to crash any minute now. But before posting my snippet, I’m happy to announce I’ll be on the Tweep Nation Podcast this coming Sunday the 17th at 6:00pm CDT. That is if I manage to sleep from now till then.

And now, for this Friday snippet, here are the opening lines of a project I started a year ago and abandoned. From the unfinished YA paranormal, All the Rainbow’s Colors:

It’s too cold to walk today. I look outside the window and there’s nothing I could be interested in. I should’ve my breakfast, but I can’t find anything I like. Today, I feel blue. Yesterday, I was orange.

The lady who lives in the complex in front of mine is already out. Normally, she comes out later. I lean out to have a better look at her. Yes, she’s definitely pastel pink. I’m tempted. I want to call her. Then, I remember I shouldn’t. I let her disappear behind the corner. I start to feel the first pangs of hunger. What can I do? I can go on until lunch, I’m sure. And then what? My nose is stuck on the window when I see it.

A color explosion. Melancholy Blue. Happiness Yellow. Rage Red. Tranquility Green. Falling in Love Pink. I can’t resist the call. I outreach my hand, and I splay my fingers.

“Milla! You are going to be late, again,” my sister, Rachel, calls from the hallway.

I close my hand in a tight fist.

“Milla! Hurry up. I’m done waiting for you,” Rachel adds.

“I’m coming,” I say, but I am still looking outside with longing.

Today, I don’t want to go to school. If it weren’t so cold, I’d walk. Walking charges me with positive energy, and when I finally step inside the classroom, I’m all yellow. When I’m yellow, school hours are bearable. Teachers aren’t boring. Students aren’t horrible. When I am yellow. But, today I woke up blue.

Friday Snippet #35