Marie’s Journey: Free Promo


Starting today, Marie’s Journey will be free until Wednesday, January 29th. Marie’s Journey is my latest release and in need of reviews, so I decided to use the free-days option KDP offers. At the moment, my first YA novel is sitting at:

Marie's Free Promo-Beginning

If anything exciting happens, I’ll share with the blogosphere.

Marie’s Journey: Free Promo

Marie’s Journey, The Official Outing

Cover-GINECEAN-960x1280Marie’s Journey, the fourth title in The Ginecean Chronicles, and my first young adult story, is officially out. Although I announced it the day it was published, life and other accidents got in the way of proper celebration. Usually, the holidays remind us of our loved ones who don’t walk on Earth anymore, but during those festive days I also lost a dear friend. I wasn’t in the mood to give my latest title the spotlight it deserved, and I let it gather dust for almost two weeks. Meanwhile, and despite my lack of enthusiasm, one copy was sold in Germany, and one in the USA. Today, I was reminded that publishing a book is never a solitary effort, and the people involved in its process should be properly acknowledged. Therefore, I wish to thank my awesome team, because without them my painstakingly written words would have never become a published novel. So, here they are: Amy Eye, my editor; Cassie Kelley McCown, my proofreader; Alessandro Fiorini, my cover artist; and Roberto Ruggeri, my strongest supporter, knight in software armor, and formatter. Grazie mille.

Marie’s Journey, The Official Outing

Marie’s Journey


Marie’s Journey, the fourth book in The Ginecean Chronicles, and my first young adult title, is out.

The core of this novel was written during Nanowrimo 2012, and since then it has changed title several times. The original idea was to depict what happened between the last two chapters in The Priest, but the character of Marie, a young fathered woman, demanded a different story. So, while I was writing this book, titles changed to reflect the overall atmosphere of the novel. The City of Men became Journey to the City of Men, and finally I surrendered to the evidence that I was never going to center Marie’s story around the City of Men’s wars, and I decided that the best title would be Marie’s Journey.

Marie’s Journey

Friday Snippet #53

Once Upon a TimeOutside, foggy and cold. Inside, two cups of espresso already consumed and a tea on the way; Painter doesn’t want to work; Artrage requested one more time a registrations key to start; my neck is aching; my patience is dwindling. Plus, I hate complaining.

But, my dad is coming to visit and that makes everything better.

Summary of the week:

One of my didlr paintings, the fairy tale drawing above, was featured on the main didlr page. If nothing else works, that’s plan B through Z—drawing on a touch screen that is.

Gaia’s cover is being made as I write. Elios is in the editor’s hands again. Marie’s Journey’s first edit is done and it is in my court now. I wrote the blurbs for both Gaia and Elios.

I ventured outside in the mist and the rain, and walked every day with Nero while reading three new books.  I think that’s it.

From Marie’s Journey:

Zena didn’t hesitate to answer. “Yes, I was here.” She took one chair by the armrest and went to sit close to the window. “I was in my twenties when the Massacre happened.”

“Did you lose anybody?” Marie asked. This time, she knew she shouldn’t have asked.

But Zena surprised her once more by answering. “I did. We were in love and we were planning on adopting a kid. She was at the wrong place at the wrong time and took a bullet not meant for her.”

Rane, who had been warming some water at the little portable stove, came back carrying three steaming cups by the handles. “The soldiers shot on the crowd?”

The nurse’s mouth thinned and her eyes went dark. “Yes, they did, but the bullet that killed Bianca was mine.”

The nurse’s words left both Rane and Marie speechless.

Zena raised her cup to the ceiling. “Cheers to Ginecea’s fall. If I’m lucky, I’ll still be alive when it happens.”

A few minutes of silence passed, none in the room able to say anything. The nurse finally broke the spell. “I had it easy. You can’t imagine what they did to the heterosexual couples.”

Friday Snippet #53

The Priest: Fourth Day of Promotion

#73 cover overall Amazon 9 2013Still here, still alive. Four days of mad tweeting, begging, and cajoling. Most of the begging and the cajoling though has taken places in the last three weeks. In case you were wondering, ENT works. Meanwhile, I discovered that on Wednesday The Priest was featured on Freebooksy. Compared to yesterday’s ride, downloads are slowing down now, but numbers are still looking good. I reached #1 in Dystopian, #2 in Science Fiction/Action, and also top 100 bestsellers list. Plus, today the Priest has received three 5* reviews on Amazon. Two more have appeared after the first one that prompted me to write the ode to awesome reviewers.

At the moment, 5:35 pm, this is the situation around the world:

#1 in Dystopian Amazon 9 2013

USA                 3995

England           76

Germany         46

France              0

Spain                 1

Italy                   18

Japan                  0

India                   5

Canada                17

Brazil                   0

Mexico                0

The Priest: Fourth Day of Promotion

Ode to the Reviewer

Autoritratto di Scrittrice in GiardinoIt is deeply unfortunate that responding to a review is considered poor form. I wish I could personally thank anybody who took the time to read my work and leave a comment on Amazon or Goodreads. I woke today to a shiny new review for The Priest. I hope you, dear reviewer who not only bought my book, but also wrote a thoughtful comment about it, are reading this note of mine. You made my day. To and indie author, reviews are much needed oxygen.

Sometimes, when it seems that my work is slowly sinking into a black hole, I feel like screaming underwater. And I despair, because I write the whole day, seven days a week, and I wonder if I am wrong about the whole endeavor. But then, I can’t imagine doing anything else and I just keep writing the next 1000 words.

Thank you, dear reviewer, for letting me know what you thought about my books. I know you have a busy life. I know you didn’t have to. I know that there are so many things you can do with your free time, and yet, you decided to use that precious free time to write a review for one of my works. It means the world to me.

Ode to the Reviewer

The Priest: Third Day of Promotion

#4 in Dystopian with Wool by the side on Settembre 2013

Still alive and reporting for duty. Today, The Priest’s promo is featured on Ereader News Today, ENT. Authors who have been picked up by ENT swear it makes a huge difference in the downloading department. I will tell you later. At noon, The Priest is still #4 in Dystopian on, and those are my numbers in terms of downloads:

USA         1598

England   56

Germany 37

France      0

Spain         1

Italy          15

Japan         0

India           4

Canada       10

Brazil          0

Mexico       0

The Priest: Third Day of Promotion