Still Editing, Still Drawing (the cover journey II)

My editor is way faster than I thought, and she is sending chapter after chapter, and I can barely keep up correcting The Priest after her. The result is that I worked double the hours yesterday to edit the next novel in the Ginecean series, Pax in the Land of Women. The goal is to have a polished manuscript for my editor to work on. I am one of those persons who try to straighten up the house before the maid arrives. Or I would be, if I had a maid (wonderful concept), and if I took any care in straightening up anything (my excuse is that I have teenagers). But I digress…

Meanwhile, Sandro, my most talented friend, is still working on Priest’s art cover. After much deliberation the following examples were created:

Third Batch



















I like the lateral title, it’s easy to read even when shrunk to thumbnail size. My name has a typo, and the font is too small. Nothing that can’t be fixed. The City of Men is big enough against the landscape, which I like a lot, but it gives the idea of a scifi novel (the pyramid creates a Stargate feeling). In the novel The City of Men looks like a mix between a gigantic Trullo, and the Sassi di Matera. Mauricio could benefit from a lower forehead, but again, easily fixed by a genius like Sandro.


    Trulli di Albero Bello


image                Rappresentazione dei Sassi di Matera







Fourth Batch

Then, since Sandro doesn’t go to sleep, he produced more examples. None of them has the city, because he asked me to draw a sketch of what I meant:




















































































I like the font in the last one, but there are several problems with the layout:

  • my name should be all in caps
  • the shadow over Mauricio’s head covers his eye
  • the two shadows combined make the design busy
  • Mauricio has definitely seen better days Smile If I were the President’s daughter I wouldn’t want to run away with him… The half-moon crescent scar must go away!

Fifth Batch

Now it has become a game of find the difference:





















and this is how it looks thumbnail size:



The half moon crescent scar is even more visible when shrunk, and my name is still too small to be read easily.




My Revision

So, I took my Wacom and put it to good use to better communicate with Sandro:























Conclusions (for now)

We are pretty much deciding the sex of angels here, but I feel strongly about having the best cover I can get. And Sandro is an amazing artist, and will deliver perfection to me.

Still Editing, Still Drawing (the cover journey II)

5 thoughts on “Still Editing, Still Drawing (the cover journey II)

  1. Anna says:

    Mi piace il titolo laterale, decisamente, ma il tuo nome ha il font ancora troppo piccolo. L’ombra degli ultimi abbozzi deve sparire, sembra quasi un sombrero o cappello da cowboy. La piramide – sono d’accordo con te – sembra uno dei soliti feuilletton su maledizioni egiziane, proprio non va. Sassi di Matera: buona idea, attenzione che non sembri un zigurrat. Magari si puo riferire anche ai paesini greci o ai pueblos blancos della Spagna. Ti dico le mie impressioni guardando le copertine velocemente, perche e cosi che le scorrerei in libreria e la copertina mi deve “intrigare” subito. Buon lavoro!

    1. ottima l’idea dei paesini greci o spagnoli virati in seppia! Ora ne parlo con Sandro. Si’, anche Cris ha chiesto se Maurizio portava un cappello. In generale troppo busy tutto l’insieme. Sono d’accordo anche sul pericolo ziggurat 🙂
      Grazie mille del feedback!

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