Off the Beaten Path: The Giveaway!


Before the summer, Jason T. Graves asked several indie authors if they were interested in collaborating to a horror/paranormal anthology. I was one of the lucky indies who were asked and having never written in those two genres, I immediately said yes. Fast forward a few months later and Off the Beaten Path: Eight Tales of the Paranormal was published.

Beside yours truly, who had serious fun writing a paranormal short, these are the intrepid writers who co-authored the anthology:

Sharon Sant, author of Sky Song and The New Moon
Angela Roquet, author of the Lana Harvey series and Crazy Ex-Ghoulfriend
D. R. Johnson, author of The Phoenix Curse saga
Jason Graves, author of On the Bridge, Blood Roses, and Morning Stars
Chip Putnam, author of The Reason Why Grandmothers Should Not Be Allowed To Read Vampire Novels and Prairie Zombies

To win Amazon gift cards and books, try your luck and enter the Off the Beaten Path Giveaway!

Off the Beaten Path: The Giveaway!

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