Kindle Countdown Deals

Cover Finale AmazonI believe in what Amazon has to offer to the indie community, and I looked at the new countdown feature as an opportunity to get visibility. Two years ago, I missed the freebies train, because I thought that writing a good book and having it professionally edited and proofread would be enough. Silly me. Eventually, I did climb on that train with The Priest, and realized how wrong I had been. So, when I read about a new book promotion tool, I was the first in line to sign. I enrolled all the titles I was allowed to.

Well, I am sure it works for the book featured on the countdown deals page. Unfortunately, my Prince’s Day Out, although discounted from $4.99 to $0.99 doesn’t appear on that magical page. Therefore, I missed another train. My  only consolation is that it isn’t my  fault this time.

Kindle Countdown Deals

5 thoughts on “Kindle Countdown Deals

  1. helena mallett says:

    Yes i thought this too – it will only work if we make it on to the magic page. I have to wait until i’ve had my 30 days stable price but i’ll give it a go after that … and i still prefer it to ‘free days’ somehow.

    1. I guess that I took a bullet for the team 🙂 I have just sent Amazon an email asking what are the criteria to be included in that page. In my experience, they have been quite expedite in answering back. Let’s see if I get into the magic circle anytime soon.

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