Kindle Countdown Deals

Cover Finale AmazonI believe in what Amazon has to offer to the indie community, and I looked at the new countdown feature as an opportunity to get visibility. Two years ago, I missed the freebies train, because I thought that writing a good book and having it professionally edited and proofread would be enough. Silly me. Eventually, I did climb on that train with The Priest, and realized how wrong I had been. So, when I read about a new book promotion tool, I was the first in line to sign. I enrolled all the titles I was allowed to.

Well, I am sure it works for the book featured on the countdown deals page. Unfortunately, my Prince’s Day Out, although discounted from $4.99 to $0.99 doesn’t appear on that magical page. Therefore, I missed another train. My  only consolation is that it isn’t my  fault this time.

Kindle Countdown Deals

Friday Snippet #53

Once Upon a TimeOutside, foggy and cold. Inside, two cups of espresso already consumed and a tea on the way; Painter doesn’t want to work; Artrage requested one more time a registrations key to start; my neck is aching; my patience is dwindling. Plus, I hate complaining.

But, my dad is coming to visit and that makes everything better.

Summary of the week:

One of my didlr paintings, the fairy tale drawing above, was featured on the main didlr page. If nothing else works, that’s plan B through Z—drawing on a touch screen that is.

Gaia’s cover is being made as I write. Elios is in the editor’s hands again. Marie’s Journey’s first edit is done and it is in my court now. I wrote the blurbs for both Gaia and Elios.

I ventured outside in the mist and the rain, and walked every day with Nero while reading three new books.  I think that’s it.

From Marie’s Journey:

Zena didn’t hesitate to answer. “Yes, I was here.” She took one chair by the armrest and went to sit close to the window. “I was in my twenties when the Massacre happened.”

“Did you lose anybody?” Marie asked. This time, she knew she shouldn’t have asked.

But Zena surprised her once more by answering. “I did. We were in love and we were planning on adopting a kid. She was at the wrong place at the wrong time and took a bullet not meant for her.”

Rane, who had been warming some water at the little portable stove, came back carrying three steaming cups by the handles. “The soldiers shot on the crowd?”

The nurse’s mouth thinned and her eyes went dark. “Yes, they did, but the bullet that killed Bianca was mine.”

The nurse’s words left both Rane and Marie speechless.

Zena raised her cup to the ceiling. “Cheers to Ginecea’s fall. If I’m lucky, I’ll still be alive when it happens.”

A few minutes of silence passed, none in the room able to say anything. The nurse finally broke the spell. “I had it easy. You can’t imagine what they did to the heterosexual couples.”

Friday Snippet #53

Make Your Own Fairytale #9

The oil version of yesterday’s drawing is prettier than the original, but it was more difficult to find the right words for it. I wrote several texts for this image, but all of them were too serious for a fairytale script. I finally settled for this one. See you in a month or so (Nanowrimo starts in two days.)

Flowers for the Market Blank Correct Text

Make Your Own Fairytale #9

Monday Drawing #11

This peacefully blue, albeit nonsensical piece will be the last one for a while. Nanowrimo is just around the corner, I’m still working with my editor on Prince of War, and I should also be finishing the drawings for the kids book. Between writing, editing, and hopefully drawing nothing else will be accomplished. Meanwhile, Nero managed to jump on the kitchen counter and ate the dental treats we put in a plastic bag… Have a great Monday, everybody.

Sunday Blues

Monday Drawing #11