Kindle Countdown Deal: the day after

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The good news is that whenever I contact Amazon, one of its representatives always answers in a matter of hours. Usually, said representative is able to fix the problem I queried Amazon about. This time wasn’t an exception. Too bad, The Prince’s Day Out is languishing at page 10 of that magical list. Now, what should I do? Do I remove the other titles from the countdown program? Is it worth not being able to use the free days to enroll my book in this new promotion scheme? At the moment, the answer is no. But, I only used the free days once, and Amazon has just launched the countdown program. So… 

Kindle Countdown Deal: the day after

4 thoughts on “Kindle Countdown Deal: the day after

  1. I too am using Amazon’s new promo opportunity to get some traction going before the release of my next novel, Coerced. We’ll see if it helps sales of The Cover-up, and help launch my next book. Stay tunned.

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