Something to Read on the Ride

Copertina Sandro BeneficenzaI am quite proud to be part of two great charity projects this year. Something to Read on the Ride, edited by author Stella Wilkinson, is the first of the two anthologies for which I donated a short, while Alessandro Fiorini donated the cover.  The book, suitable for all adult readers from 18 – 80,  covers a large range of subjects, from space travel to zombies, romance, humor and tragedy, and from unusual occurrences to every day situations. Stories were donated by authors who hang out at the Writers’ CaféSomething to Read on the Ride is only $2.99, and all the proceeds from the sales will go to Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Appeal, a Children’s Hospital Charity.

My contribute to the anthology, The Centennial Grape, is a science fiction short with a moody atmosphere, homage to the science fiction I grew up with and loved.

Have a great time commuting.

Something to Read on the Ride

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