Something to Read on the Ride: Frank Zubek

Frank Zubek portraitI am pleased to start the weekend by having a most gracious guest, author Frank Zubek, on my blog. Frank is one of the authors who collaborated to the anthology Something to Read on the Ride. Frank, who has been a great supporter of the collective since its inception, has donated not one, but two shorts.

In his own words:

Where do you live and what’s the day job?

Greater Cleveland and I work in retail. The rest of my time is taken up writing and a few hours of sleep.

What inspired this story?

Stella suggested for people to submit a story they had hanging around on their hard drive. I didn’t have any so I decided to think up a new story exclusive for the anthology, which is geared toward people who travel to and from work on buses or subways. I was also a bit worried that we wouldn’t have enough submissions to fill a book so I offered to think up two and she said okay. So my two stories take place on a bus.

How long have you been writing?

1999. I currently have several short stories and a few novellas for sale on amazon.

What are you working on next?

I seem to have run out of ideas for contemporary fiction so I’m switching to fantasy. I have a few adventures that are perfect for a novel.

Can people visit your web-page or blog?

Of course!  is the web page and the blog is  

Can people contact you?  

Copertina Sandro BeneficenzaIf you want to donate to a great cause, Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Appeal, A Children’s Hospital Charity, and read Frank’s two shorts, buy the anthology. It’s only $2.99!

Something to Read on the Ride: Frank Zubek

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