Marie’s Journey, The Official Outing

Cover-GINECEAN-960x1280Marie’s Journey, the fourth title in The Ginecean Chronicles, and my first young adult story, is officially out. Although I announced it the day it was published, life and other accidents got in the way of proper celebration. Usually, the holidays remind us of our loved ones who don’t walk on Earth anymore, but during those festive days I also lost a dear friend. I wasn’t in the mood to give my latest title the spotlight it deserved, and I let it gather dust for almost two weeks. Meanwhile, and despite my lack of enthusiasm, one copy was sold in Germany, and one in the USA. Today, I was reminded that publishing a book is never a solitary effort, and the people involved in its process should be properly acknowledged. Therefore, I wish to thank my awesome team, because without them my painstakingly written words would have never become a published novel. So, here they are: Amy Eye, my editor; Cassie Kelley McCown, my proofreader; Alessandro Fiorini, my cover artist; and Roberto Ruggeri, my strongest supporter, knight in software armor, and formatter. Grazie mille.

Marie’s Journey, The Official Outing

2 thoughts on “Marie’s Journey, The Official Outing

  1. Sad to hear you lost a friend. This has been a tough run of a couple of years for you. But your light never goes dim for long, Monica. You are so multi-talented that some aspect of your personality is always shining, whether in the meals you make, the art you create, or your writing. And I know that is just hitting the tip of the iceberg! Be well, my friend. This is life. Sad sometimes, but overall, its how we handle the tough times and move through them to the good that defines us. Your definition is glowing! I will purchase Marie’s story immediately. Can’t wait to finish the 4 part trilogy! hehe…

    1. Thanks for all your kind words and support, Peggy. Yes, such is life. Sometimes, it takes slightly longer to bounce back, but eventually we must. There is no other choice to make but to go forward.

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