Indie Authors: Jacks of Several Trades

My cover artist and dear friend Alessandro Fiorini has started a new exciting career, and I know it is going to be hard to replace him. Therefore, in case I won’t find his replacement soon enough, in the last two months, I have tried to learn how to use Expression Design 4 and Gimp to create book covers. Not an easy task, but I have been busy working on it every day. As I wrote in a different post, I wasn’t happy with Elios’s cover. I didn’t like the model’s face and the overall palette. I worked on the cover Alessandro had created for me, using Painter to tinker with the image, but the result wasn’t of my satisfaction. At that point, I was ready to publish the book, but Alessandro was in the middle of his transition to the new job, so I couldn’t ask him to remake the cover and I uploaded the image anyway. Meanwhile, I started a new cover from scratch, using Gimp, Expression design 4, Paint.NET, and Painter. Yesterday, helped by my patient husband, I finally reached a level I could be happy with. And if only Amazon would upload the new covers, I would be happier still.

Elios cover_960x1280

Gaia cover_960x1280

Those below are the old covers—which, much to my chagrin, at the moment are still displayed on the Amazon page. Among other changes, I had to decide on a different typeface because Trajan Pro, the one Alessandro originally used on Photoshop, didn’t look the same on Expression Design 4. Also, I worked with a different Etruscan alphabet for Gaia’s cover because I couldn’t find the one Alessandro used.

Elios Amazon 3 ritoccata

Gaia Kindle Finale

Indie Authors: Jacks of Several Trades

4 thoughts on “Indie Authors: Jacks of Several Trades

  1. Monica, Please wish Allesandro my very best in his future endeavor. Though he has served you well, with his beautiful work, clearly you are more than competent to take on the task yourself. The new covers are beautiful. You and Roberto certainly do make a good team! Now, instead of turning to Roberto for my imaginary (at this point!) covers, you make find me knocking on your door! Bravo, my friend, very nicely done.

  2. Oh my! Speaking to my husband and commenting do not mix well. Lets start over….I meant instead of hiring Alessandro, and said Roberto…I suppose Italian men fluster this little half-Italian girl! I also said you make, and meant you may find me knocking. I’m sure coffee in any case coffee is the answer! I’m a mess today!

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