My First Bookbub: The Lost Centurion & The Promo that Almost wasn’t…

On Saturday, April 9th, year of the Lord 2016, I finally got a Bookbub promotion. After submitting once a month for a few months, someone took pity on me and decided to give me a chance with The Lost Centurion (The Immortals Book 1) . Vivid dreams of fame and glory filled my mind as I promptly paypaled them my fee for entering indie author Valhalla. For two weeks, I agonized about all the changes I had to make on all the books I’ve published so far. New newsletter webforms were created for the occasion. No words were written whatsoever. The book that should’ve been halfway finished has been forgotten. Spring has come. The much anticipated day comes as well… and Amazon decides that’s the day it won’t be refreshing ranks until late in the evening. For several hours, The Lost Centurion is stuck at #1500, when it should have been between #5 and #10 on Free Kindle Store. When its true rank finally shows, the book it’s at #6, but it’s also the middle of the night on the East Coast, so it missed all the visibility a whole day would have granted. Let’s say that a few chosen words were uttered during Saturday and that I considered taking on a new hobby: drinking. Fortunately, The Lost Centurion is still on the first page of Free Kindle Store, sitting now at #13. I’m still sober.


My First Bookbub: The Lost Centurion & The Promo that Almost wasn’t…

2 thoughts on “My First Bookbub: The Lost Centurion & The Promo that Almost wasn’t…

  1. Myra Wray says:

    I have enjoyed the book a lot. Will be getting the next one too. I have one problem. At the end on Kindle, you invite me to join your mailing list, but can not get into the website and I don’t see it here. Please advise.

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