Release day for The Fifth Moon’s Wolf

TFMW Teaser 4

The Fifth Moon’s Wolf is finally out and available everywhere! I hope you’ll love my steampunk/scifi/victorian/paranormal romance as much as I enjoyed writing Valentine and Mirella’s story.

The Fifth Moon’s Wolf: The Fifth Moon Tales, Book 1

Humanity left Earth several hundreds of years ago. Shifters were among the first to board the space stations escaping from the dying planet. During the long voyage in deep space, mutations changed the paranormal passengers altering their lives forever. As a result, shifters lost their ability to reproduce and enrolled geneticists to ensure their survival.

Valentine Lobo is the last werewolf left in all the Coral System. The undisputed leader of planet Lupine, he has been waiting for his genetically engineered bride for centuries. He has no time to court Mirella Canalis, the young woman whom he only sees as a means to an end. After all, her only reason to exist is to give the alpha werewolf an heir.

Valentine is arrogant and domineering. He must save House Lobo from oblivion. What will happen when he finally meets sweet and naïve Mirella on his wedding night?

A dash of space opera and plenty of steamy paranormal romance.

Release day for The Fifth Moon’s Wolf

11 thoughts on “Release day for The Fifth Moon’s Wolf

  1. jacqueline Nielson says:

    I read this book over the weekend and loved it. I am hoping that the story between Lobo and Mirella is going to continue…

    1. Hi, Jacqueline. Thank you for stopping by! I’m glad you liked Mirella and Valentine’s story. I’m currently writing the second book in the trilogy, The Fifth Moon’s Wife, and I’m having lots of fun with it 🙂 If you have any question, please let me know!

  2. Cindy says:

    Monica, I don’t know how anyone can like a book that’s only 68 pgs. and doesn’t have any kind of story to it. Sorry I ever got the book. Don’t know if it was mean to be like that or if it didn’t download correctly but there’s no story line it, there’s no character development it’s only o1 or 2 lines to a chapter.

    1. Cindy, thank you for contacting me. The book didn’t download correctly. Its full length is around 200 pages. I’m not sure why, but it happens sometimes that data gets corrupted when transferred. My suggestion is to remove it from your reader and downloaded it again. It should solve the problem. If it doesn’t, please let me know, and I’ll find another solution. I pour all my heart in every book I write and it saddens me if a reader has a poor experience reading a story of mine.

  3. Vikki Watson says:

    Hi Monica, have just finished reading The Fifth Moon’s Wolf. I loved Mirella and Valentine’s story very much. I have just purchased the other 2 books so that I can read the rest of their story. I hope all culprits are caught and they find a way for Mirella to live.

  4. maurader2000 says:

    Monica, I have just finished reading The Fifth Moon’s Wolf Tales. At the time I received this book I was unaware that there were 2 more. I loved Mirella and Valentine’s story and was a little upset until I found out there are 2 more books. Now I can not wait to read them. I can’t wait to find out if I am right about Lobo”s enemies and if he finds a way to keep Mirella alive after she gives birth.

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