The Last Touches (the cover journey VI)

My editor sent me the last three chapters yesterday, blessed the people who work on Mother’s Day Sundays. At the same time, Sandro sent me the final layouts for the cover and the banner. In less than a month so many things have changed in my life, I have cried and laughed. I have felt the whole spectrum of human emotions between pure happiness, and absolute sadness. My family and my writing are the only constant. Here is something that makes me ecstatic.

The Last Cover (to be retouched slightly)

This is lucky number 13!


















I like everything, I only asked Sandro to play with the fonts to free Mauricio’s eye.

Getting Closer and Closer!



















I like this one better, but I would make the black background bigger to enlarge the title’s font. I also would like to see more of Mauricio’s neck. And probably we have to put back the shadow under my name to make it easier to read at thumbnail size. Or maybe not, I can’t decide.

The Best Banner Ever!




I absolutely love this banner!

The Last Touches (the cover journey VI)

7 thoughts on “The Last Touches (the cover journey VI)

  1. Very gripping cover and banner. I need to give some thought to having my cover designer do banners for me. I must admit I’ve neglected that point.

    1. Thank you, JR! I have been working with Sandro for so long on this project that I lost contact with reality after the fifth cover 🙂 It’s good to have feedbacks from someone who has already published!

  2. Anna says:

    Il primo il primo!!!!! bellissimo il banner – potresti appenderlo sopra al campanello di casa… scherzi a parte, il primo mi piace tantissimo, ma se dici che bisogna vedere piu collo, non saprei… il primo e essenziale, incuriosisce e titolo e nome si vedono benissimo.

  3. It’s fabulous, seriously. I remember waiting for my book cover and was so nervous that I wouldn’t like it. The first one was okay but the second was beautiful, not at all what I’d requested but nonetheless, it’s perfect for my book.

    If we’re happy with the cover, then I suspect others will be, too.

    Came from Kindle Boards,
    Crystal Jigsaw

    1. Thank you, Crystal! You are right, it can be nerve breaking. I am lucky because I personally know the cover designer who is working on my cover, and I really wanted him to do it. We have been emailing each other two or three times each day for the last month, and we are still fine tuning the final version. Hopefully for the end of the week, we’ll move on to the second book. Crossing fingers 🙂

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